About The Text Message

As employees of the National Archives, we are stewards for billions of pages of records that contain historical and evidentiary information about the Federal Government. A dedicated staff of archivists, specialists, technicians, and volunteers from across NARA’s Research Services Division work hard every day to ensure that these records are preserved and made accessible to the public. And every day, we are making discoveries while we work, from the mundane to the extraordinary. The Text Message is an opportunity for staff members, interns, student employees, and volunteers to share their discoveries with the public. We hope you enjoy reading about our finds as much as we enjoy sharing them with you.

4 Responses to About The Text Message

  1. Susan Cummings says:

    YEAH! I’m so excited that those of us who work with NARA’s rich collections of textual records have another way to share some of what we have learned with others and to learn from them about their discoveries and insights. How cool! Let the discussions begin!


  2. Linda Verma says:

    Can’t wait to read about interesting docs other NARA employees have discovered!


  3. Jodi Foor says:

    It will be nice to share all the interesting documents we find as we process the records.

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  4. AllenDP says:

    I have learned many interesting things on the internet and I invite anyone to share their insight with me and I will reciprocate.


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