Ask an Archivist? I’m all a-Twitter!

Today’s post is written by Alan Walker, a processing archivist at Archives II in College Park.

I’m never on Twitter.

Sure, I know of it; it’s a pervasive presence in our culture. One of the best greeting cards I’ve seen makes a hilarious play on it: Jesus on Twitter. “12 new followers: cool!”, “Whoops, crowd gathering at the river: gotta run!”.

So what do people do on Twitter? Well, ever since our Social Media Team embarked our agency on a journey to the Twitterverse, its denizens have been treated to periodic sessions of “#AskAnArchivist”, an event sponsored by the Society of American Archivists.

Our staff sit down and tweet answers to your questions: What’s the coolest thing you’ve found? How do I research my Native American lineage using the Dawes Rolls? Or, what’s the most interesting thing about the National Archives that no one knows?

That one I could answer:

Articles Placed in the Cornerstone of the National Archives Building


And I did, last week, as I joined in the latest session of “#AskAnArchivist”. What a great time! Well, until my PC locked up just as I received several questions at once. No harm done; all questions answered. Let’s do this again!

One thought on “Ask an Archivist? I’m all a-Twitter!

  1. A Bible first on the list … I imagine it might raise some eyebrows today. Assuming recent federal buildings still have cornerstones filled with items, do Bibles still get included?

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