Browsing, Serendipity, and a Titanic Discovery

Today's post is by Alan Walker, a processing archivist at Archives II. As a kid I was captivated by the sinking of the RMS Titanic. The drama of such a man-made behemoth falling victim to an iceberg and the scope of the human tragedy conspired to trigger the imaginations of this impressionable youth. I read … Continue reading Browsing, Serendipity, and a Titanic Discovery

Fun with OPA

By Alfie Paul Screen Shot of OPA search results A couple of weeks ago I overheard a converstation between some colleagues discussing OPA.  “Try finding it in OPA,” one said.  They went on to discuss OPA functionality and benefits and use.  I assumed OPA was one of those things above my pay-grade about which I … Continue reading Fun with OPA

FOIA: The Other “F” Word (Accessing FBI Records)

Today’s post is written by Dawn Sherman-Fells, a processing archivist who works with civilian textual records. Are you one of the many who believe that FOIA is truly a “four letter word”?  Understanding the Freedom of Information Act can be daunting, frustrating -- intimidating, even.  Here I will share a few tips that will hopefully facilitate a better understanding … Continue reading FOIA: The Other “F” Word (Accessing FBI Records)

What we have to offer

By Jason Clingerman The Textual Archives staff here at Archives II is constantly working on new and exciting projects. However, until social media came along we had no way of sharing our work with the public except for perhaps a Prologue article, a “Descriptions Created or Updated Since” search on our Archival Research Catalog (ARC), … Continue reading What we have to offer