Remembering Leonard A. Rapport (1913-2008)

Have you ever considered a career in archival work? This week, we're publishing a two-part post by Dr. Greg Bradsher remembering one of NARA's archivists. The National Archives and Records Administration has been very fortunate to have among its ranks many “giants” of the archival profession.  It has also had its share of interesting characters. Leonard … Continue reading Remembering Leonard A. Rapport (1913-2008)

A personal prologue at the National Archives

By David Langbart The motto of the National Archives is "What is Past Is Prologue." Recently, while assisting a researcher at Archives II, I ran into my Dad, even though he died several years ago.  A bit of background will help you understand.  My father's first Government service, like most in his generation, came in … Continue reading A personal prologue at the National Archives

I hope my crown doesn’t clash with my dress

By Denise Henderson Our pals over at Prologue:  Pieces of History have “Facial Hair Friday;”  here at The Text Message, we give you “Beauty Queen Monday.”  The document featured in today's post is from the January – February 1960 issue of The Shield, an employee newsletter published by the International Cooperation Administration (ICA).  You can … Continue reading I hope my crown doesn’t clash with my dress

What we have to offer

By Jason Clingerman The Textual Archives staff here at Archives II is constantly working on new and exciting projects. However, until social media came along we had no way of sharing our work with the public except for perhaps a Prologue article, a “Descriptions Created or Updated Since” search on our Archival Research Catalog (ARC), … Continue reading What we have to offer