Image of the First Twenty Navy Nurses Appointed in 1908. Sara M. Cox is identified by the red oval.

Navy Nurse Sara M. Cox

Today’s post is by Anna Csar, Expert Archives Technician at the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis and Chair of the Women’s Affinity Group for the National Archives and Records Administration Sara M. Cox was an Army contract nurse during the Spanish-American War before joining the Army Nurse Corps in 1901, and then re-signing … Continue reading Navy Nurse Sara M. Cox

The Labor Day Hurricane of 1935

By M. Marie Maxwell As a Florida native, growing up,  we would track the path of the various hurricanes and tropical storms that were predicted to hit, cross or barely touch the state. In the late 20th and current 21st centuries we have satellite which warn us and show us serious weather patterns as they … Continue reading The Labor Day Hurricane of 1935