I hope my crown doesn’t clash with my dress

By Denise Henderson

Our pals over at Prologue:  Pieces of History have “Facial Hair Friday;”  here at The Text Message, we give you “Beauty Queen Monday.”  The document featured in today’s post is from the January – February 1960 issue of The Shield, an employee newsletter published by the International Cooperation Administration (ICA).  You can find issues of  The Shield in RG 469, Records of U .S. Foreign Assistance Agencies, “Newsletters, 11/1951-10/1960,” (ARC ID 2788567).

The newsletters, bulletins, notices, and instructions that are published to keep employees informed within their agencies contain a wealth of information. 

Meet 1959’s Queen of ICA

In many cases, you can learn about agency activities, organizational changes, personnel appointments, and the development of programs and procedures.  (On a light-hearted note, you can also find out who was victorious in the annual golf tournie and who was crowned queen at the holiday party!)  These types of records may be a helpful tool for your research so be sure to check them out!