Service photograph of John Rice

Where to Lay an American Hero? The Burial Controversy of John Rice (Ho-Chunk)

Today’s post is written by Cody White, Archivist and Subject Matter Expert for Native American Related Records. Author’s note: I would like to extend a special thanks to those colleagues who went above and beyond to help with this post; Tammy Williams, Archivist at the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library; Rose Buchanan, Archivist and Subject … Continue reading Where to Lay an American Hero? The Burial Controversy of John Rice (Ho-Chunk)

Cuban Missile Crisis, Revisited

Today's post is written by Michael Rhodes, an archives technician in the Archives' National Declassification Center.  Fifty years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, we are still piecing together the actions of his administration. From the Records of the Office of the Secretary of Defense (Record Group 330), a report – probably one … Continue reading Cuban Missile Crisis, Revisited

Remembering Leonard A. Rapport (1913-2008)

Have you ever considered a career in archival work? This week, we're publishing a two-part post by Dr. Greg Bradsher remembering one of NARA's archivists. The National Archives and Records Administration has been very fortunate to have among its ranks many “giants” of the archival profession.  It has also had its share of interesting characters. Leonard … Continue reading Remembering Leonard A. Rapport (1913-2008)

Inside the New Orleans Custom House

Today's post is written by Stephanie Stegman, the special media projects volunteer at the National Archives at Fort Worth. This is the first post in a three-part series. Electoral projections are a popular topic these days, and everyone has an opinion. In July 1860, two engineers in Louisiana exchanged their predictions on the upcoming presidential … Continue reading Inside the New Orleans Custom House