You Never Know Who You’ll Meet in the Records!

What do John Dillinger, Al Capone, Bruno Hauptmann, and Frank Sinatra’s son have in common? You can find a press release (or in some cases, more than one!) relating to them at the National Archives!  Recently, I processed and described the series “Press Releases, Speeches, Testimonies, and Other Records, 1933-1984” (ARC ID 5605357) in RG … Continue reading You Never Know Who You’ll Meet in the Records!

The Pond in a barn

In 2001, seemingly secretive government documents were “found in locked safes and filing cabinets in a barn near Culpeper, Virginia.” After investigation, the records were turned over to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for review. The files turned out to be the records of a highly secretive intelligence organization led by John V. Grombach which … Continue reading The Pond in a barn